Sculpting Methodology

Materials, Sculpting & Firing

I use ES40 clay which is ideal for hand building and has a white bodied finish when biscuit fired.  Generally I cut out my own proforma templates in clay a bit like a dressmaker/tailor.  This enables me to keep my sizes disciplined as I have a tendency to work large.   I form and sculpt the subject matter using different dryness of clay depending on what I wish to achieve with either the form or surface texture.


Sculpted Hare

Formed using the template technique

The hare is left to dry naturally before a biscuit firing.

Biscuit Fired Hare

White body ready for underglazing

The biscuit fired hare absorbs the underglazes when applied.


Hare with Underglazes

Second Firing

After the second firing I either apply more underglazes or a semi translucent glaze for the final firing depending on if the hare is to be matt or have a semi translucent finish.

Finished Hare

Matt Finish

After the final firing I add the finishing touches to the hare by applying enamel paint to the eyes to bring the hare's soul and personality to life.



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