Sizing & Prices



Measurements will vary from hare to hare in the relevant sizes due to being uniquely handmade and the stance of each hare and ear positions.  The templates that I use for each hare size determines the pricing.  All measurements are approximate. Sizes are given for the width, depth and height for each individual hare on the shop page. The measurement units used are in inches.

Standing hare heights given below for guidance of size to the top of the  hare's head.

2020 Price List

Extra Large £160.00 (top of head height approx 13" to 14")

Large £130.00 (top of head height approx 11" to 12")

Medium £100.00 (top of head height approx 9" to 10")

Small £70.00 (top of head height approx 7" to 8")

Leveret £45.00 (top of head height approx 5" to 6")